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Term Deposit Details TD payout instructions
TDS Inquiry Term Deposit Calculator
Opening of Term Deposit  

Term Deposit Details :
1. On clicking the option, system will display Term Deposit screen 2. Select required account from the select account drop down list and Clickgobutton
3. System will display all the master details of term deposit account you have selected 4. Click Print button to take print of the screen and click account summary page for display of summary of all your accounts

TD Pay out Instructions :
1. Click TD pay out instructions 2. Select TD account of your choice
3. Term Deposit Inquiry details are displayed for the account.  
The following details are displayed
4. Account Number, Deposit Number, Serial Number,Deposit date, Tenure, Maturity date, 5. Interest rate, Principal Balance, Projected Interest amount, Maturity amount, Lien amount, Principal amount available for redemption, Interest paid till date, TDS paid till date for the current year, date of last interest payment, date of next interest payment.
6. There is a facility to Print or going back to summary  

TDS Inquiry :
1. You can inquire TDS deducted by the Bank for the current financial year or previous financial year. 2. On selection of the financial year, if TDS is deducted for the selected financial year, system will display account number, interest earned and amount of Tax deducted
3. If TDS is not applicable, system will display message “TDS details not available for the selected period. Please contact your Branch”  

Term Deposit Calculator :
1. This option is provided to know approximate interest to be earned for a given deposit amount for a given period. 2. You can choose a required deposit product from the drop list appearing on the screen
3. Enter deposit amount you wish to invest 4. Select interest pay plan from the drop down list
5. Click Calculate Button 6. System will display term deposit calculator screen containing rate of interest, product name, principal amount, deposit term, interest amount, maturity amount, etc.,

Opening of Term Deposit :
1. Select Term Deposit Opening menu on Left hand side.. 2. Click the menu
3. Opening of Term Deposit screen displayed. 4. Select New account for new deposit
5. If you would like to add one more deposit to the existing deposit select “Add to Existing Account”. 6. Choose the ‘Deposit Product’ from the drop down list
7. The product selected is displayed on the screen 8. Select the Source account from where you wish to transfer the funds
9. Select the deposit amount, tenure of deposit 10.  For fixed deposit, select interest pay plan, i.e., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or at maturity
11. If the deposit is Kamadhenu deposit, please select interest pay plan as ‘at maturity’ only 12. Under Interest Instructions select the mode of payment of interest i.e., ‘Account transfer’ for Fixed Deposits and ‘Add to Principal’ for Kamadhenu Deposits
13. Select the account number to which the interest to be credited. 14. In Principle Instruction mention the mode of payment of principle on maturity i.e., Account transfer.
15. Select the account number to which the principal to be credited on maturity 16. After entering the details select Open deposit.
17. Source A/c opening balance and Closing balance after effecting Deposit opening is displayed. 18. Source A/c opening balance and Closing balance after effecting Deposit opening is displayed.
19. Select Confirm or Cancel as per your choice 20. If Confirmed you have to type transaction password twice in the password blocks and confirm

On successful completion of transaction the following details are displayed

Transaction received date, Transaction Confirmation Number, Deposit details like Account Number, Deposit Number, Deposit Product, Source Account, Deposit Amount, Deposit date, Tenure, Maturity Amount, Interest Rate, Maturity Date, Interest Instructions, Interest Account Number, Principal Instructions, Account Number, Source account balance after deposit are displayed
You can take a print of the details. Please produce this printout to your branch with your signature for receiving the Deposit Receipt. You can continute to open another deposit
Produce this document to the Branch for getting the signed Deposit Receipt  
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