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Loan Account Activity
1. Here you can see the transactions in the selected loan account from the date of last statement download date to till date by clicking go button. 2. You can also see the transactions in the selected account by giving date range
3. You can view or print or download the account statements. 4. A link is provided to go to account details

Loan Account Details
1. On clicking the option, system will display Loan Account Details screen 2. Select required account from the select account drop down list Clickgobotton
3. System will display all the master details of Loan accounts under Loan Details grid and Liability Outstanding position under Loan Outstanding Details grid. Besides, system will show remittances to the loan account separately. 4. Click Print button to take print of the screen and click account summary page for display of summary of all your accounts.

Loan Repayment
1. On clicking the option, Loan repayment screen listing all your loan accounts is displayed. 2. Select the loan account for which you want make repayment
3. On Click of transfer button system will force you to enter your transaction password twice 4. Enter your current transaction password correctly two times and click ‘transfer’ button.
5. System will check correctness of your transaction password. If the password is wrongly entered,, system throws error as “Invalid PIN”. 6. If the password is correct, system will display loan repayment screen with Loan account details and amount outstanding details in separate grids.In addition to this, system will display transfer details grid at the bottom of the screen containing Source account, Destination account and Transfer amount boxes.
7. Under transfer details grid, select one of your operative account from the drop down list against source account box. By default the destination account would be the loan account selected by you in the previous screen. 8. Enter the amount to be repaid to the loan account against amount box.
9. Click “Make Payment” button to continue or Click “Cancel” button to cancel the operations. 10. On clicking “Make Payment” button, system will display loan repayment verification screen containing transaction details and balance available under source account after transfer.
11. On clicking “Change” button system will take you back to previous screen and allows you the change source account number and amount. 12. On clicking “Confirm” button, system will display loan repayment confirmation screen with particulars like transaction processing date, transaction confirmation number, transaction details, execution details, etc.,
13. Click Print button to print the screen on your local printer or click “Another” button to make another loan repayment.  

Loan Calculator
1. This option helps you to know EMI amount or the Term of repayment for a given loan amount at given rate of interest. 2. Click Loan Calculator option to get the loan calculator screen
3. To know the EMI amount select Installment button on the top of the screen 4. Enter Loan details like Loan amount, Interest Rate, Term in years and months. Leave installment amount and number of installments boxes blank.
5. Term greater than 12 months should be converted into years and months and to be entered against year and moths appropriately. 6. On click of “Calculate” button system will display installment amount and number of installments.
7. To know the TERM of the loan select “Term” button on the top of the screen 8. Enter Loan details like Loan amount, Interest Rate and Installment amount. Leave Term years, Term months and number of installments boxes blank.
9. On click of “Calculate” button system will display installment amount and number of installments. 10. Click change button to change the inputs provided by you
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